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NYC OCP Scholarship Application 


NYCCAOSA is offering four partial scholarships for the 2023/24 NYC Orff Certification Program. The NYCCAOSA Board will award these scholarships based on merit, chapter workshop participation and financial need. 


All necessary items listed below must be submitted electronically to the chapter board through this Google Form no later than September 29, 2023. Recipients will be notified by October 10, 2023.


Application Procedure: 


  1. Submit a cover letter including a personal statement of 500 words or less highlighting your reasons for wanting to pursue Orff levels training and basis for a merit scholarship or documentation of financial need. 

  2. Submit of a resume including: full name, address, phone number, e-mail, education, certifications /training (i.e. Kodaly, Dalcroze), professional experience, professional memberships, publications, etc. 

  3. After the above items have been reviewed, you may be contacted for an interview at which time you should be prepared to discuss your documents. 

  4. If a scholarship is granted, the funds will be directly applied to the recipient’s outstanding tuition bill by the NYCCAOSA Treasurer.

Recipients of the scholarships are required to: 

  • Assist with the set-up and breakdown of class materials. 

  • Write a short blurb for publication about their professional growth and course experiences.

  • commit to active participation in NYCCAOSA for at least one year following the course.

** Levels 1 and 2 are expected to run this year. 

Past Recipients

Jess Rowe
Level 1 22/23

Orff level 1 was a life changing experience! Craig was an outstanding facilitator and provided me with course material that I could rely on the very next day. The Orff approach is applicable to everything both in and out of the classroom!

I grew up in Brooklyn and went to public schools my whole life. The choral and band rooms are where I felt most safe and understood. I've been teaching music in NYC for 19 years. I started out as a middle school choral director, also teaching general music. I was excessed a few times, and for the last 7 years I've been at an elementary school. I've struggled in the last 2 years (post pandemic) with inspiration for my profession.


Throughout the pandemic I started taking online courses with music teachers like Franklin Willis, who is all about Orff. He opened my eyes to another side of elementary music. As a vocalist and Kodaly person, I never thought I would be interested in Orff, however I needed to try something to respark my joy of teaching & help me get through that post pandemic. The Orff level 1 class was structured w/ three different components: basics, recorder and movement. The instructors were all very kind, understanding and patient. It's been 14 years since I got my Masters degree. I hated going to college, I have dyslexia so reading and writing was a nightmare for me. However the most writing was for Aaron, our movement instructor who asked us to journal after every class. That wasn't too bad , he also was very helpful if I had questions or wanted a slowed down explanation of something. I had a lot of fun in Basics class. Craig, our Basics instructor encouraged us to be curious, playful and he modeled everything so perfectly. There were a few times I was absolutely lost and confused, but he would so graciously stay later or take his personal time to help and talk to me. Recorder class was challenging but fun. Laura tried to get us to be more comfortable using the recorder as a teaching "assistant". I loved how she would encourage us to use the recorder during a lesson, but instead of just teaching children BAG, use it to direct movement and inspire creativity for students. This was tricky for me as I've never been comfortable improvising with my voice or on the piano. However her daily warm-ups putting us all on the spot was just what I needed to overcome that fear.

Overall I'm really happy I decided to take this course and grateful that the NYCAOSA granted me a scholarship. The NYCAOSA is a great group of music teachers, a community, who supports and inspires other NYC music teachers.

Melissa Segarra
Level 1 22/23

Bob Goldberg

Orff Level I was one of the best courses I’d ever taken. I learned many useful songs and techniques, and got to work with three great teachers and a vibrant group of colleagues. It brought a focus to my teaching, and introduced me to an exciting and innovative community of teachers. Level II (at PS51) has been another great experience. It is a treat to be able to work with Danai, Judith and Laura again. We have had the chance to study Orff-Keetman compositions in depth, to explore modal composition and improvisation, to write lyrics, songs, arrangements and ensemble pieces, to keep our musical selves rooted in our physical selves through dance, to make pictures and tell stories with our voices, bodies, and instruments. As a composer, I appreciate that all three teachers are working composers, with an understanding of the theoretical and the practical aspects, a deep commitment to collaboration, and the greatest respect for their students. Teaching Orff is the most fun you can have in a music classroom. This just makes it better!

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