Orff Certification scholarship


The NYC Chapter of AOSA (NYCCAOSA) has a limited number of scholarships available for the NYC Orff Certification Program. The NYCCAOSA Board will award these scholarships based on merit and financial need. In order to be eligible to apply, applicants must have been a member of NYCCAOSA during the previous year at the time of applying. The scholarship recipient must continue to hold membership in NYCCAOSA for a period of two years following the award and will be expected to serve on the Chapter Board in some capacity during the second year. 


All applications must be submitted and returned to the Chapter Board via e-mail at nyccaosa@gmail.com no later than September 6th, 2019.


Download the application for the

2019-2020 Orff Certification Scholarship.

Past Winner - Bob Goldberg

Orff Level I at Trevor (five years ago) was one of the best courses I’d ever taken. I learned many useful songs and techniques, and got to work with three great teachers and a vibrant group of colleagues. It brought a focus to my teaching, and introduced me to an exciting and innovative community of teachers. Level II (at PS51) has been another great experience. It is a treat to be able to work with Danai, Judith and Laura again. We have had the chance to study Orff-Keetman compositions in depth, to explore modal composition and improvisation, to write lyrics, songs, arrangements and ensemble pieces, to keep our musical selves rooted in our physical selves through dance, to make pictures and tell stories with our voices, bodies, and instruments. As a composer, I appreciate that all three teachers are working composers, with an understanding of the theoretical and the practical aspects, a deep commitment to collaboration, and the greatest respect for their students. Teaching Orff is the most fun you can have in a music classroom. This just makes it better!

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